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Empower your wellness journey with expert Longevity Coach

Melanie Rathbun, NBC-HWC, FMCHC, CFNC, R.H.N.

Functional Medicine Longevity Coach

Healthcode’s Longevity Coach, Melanie Rathbun, is a National Board Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach. With expertise in functional medicine, holistic nutrition, and cognitive well-being, she offers personalized guidance on sleep, exercise, stress management, nutrition, and supplements. Melanie’s role as a ReCODE 2.0 brain coach reflects her mastery in enhancing cognitive vitality.

Personalized Holistic Nutrition for Optimal Wellness

Melanie is also a registered holistic nutritionist and a certified functional nutrition counselor. She creates tailored nutritional care plans addressing specific health concerns and diagnoses. Melanie empowers clients to source and prepare foods aligned with their goals and provides guidance on functional nutrition principles in the kitchen. Her encouraging demeanor ensures sustainable changes for long-term well-being through enjoyable and achievable nutritional shifts.

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