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What are my Health Risks?

Lifestyle and genetics play a major role in developing certain diseases and conditions. With today’s medical advancements and cutting-edge technology, it is easier than ever to discover things early.  Early detection, before symptoms start, makes conditions easier to treat successfully.

1 in 4 deaths is from HEART DISEASE

76,000 Canadians are diagnosed with DEMENTIA yearly

2 in 5 Canadians will be diagnosed with CANCER in their lifetime

78 women are diagnosed with BREAST CANCER daily in Canada

62,000+ STROKES occur in Canada yearly

1 in 9 Canadian men will be diagnosed with PROSTATE CANCER

Mountain Range


“We chose Healthcode as we highly value our wellness. With Healthcode you can count on a diligent pursuit of your optimum health. Dr. Venter is constantly seeking the most effective care techniques and innovations to maximize our quality of life. We are grateful for all the care we have received. It is a worthy investment for our longevity. "

- D & S, North Vancouver, B.C.

Discover more about the benefits of our Signature Program, which includes screening, early detection, disease prevention and health optimization. 

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