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Healthcode Medical offers an extensive range of imaging and testing to provide our patients with leading-edge early disease detection.  Our physicians are constantly seeking out and evaluating the latest technologies to help you extend your healthspan.

Extensive Imaging Available 

Full Body MRI

Full body MRI will capture imaging of your brain, organs, and skeleton, while conducting scans for a range of conditions including cancer, dementia, fatty liver disease, musculoskeletal issues, spinal cord abnormalities, and many others.


Cardiac & Respiratory testing

​​Cardiac and respiratory testing includes an ECG to measure the electrical activity, heart rate, and rhythm of your heart. An exercise cardiac stress test to assess blood flow to the heart under stress. Additional comprehensive tests are administered to evaluate your risk of developing cardiac and respiratory health issues.


Body Composition Testing

Body composition testing involves assessing the different components of an individual's body, such as muscle, fat, bone, and water, in order to gain insights into their overall physical health and fitness level.


Full Body Ultrasound

Full body ultrasounds are comprehensive examinations that detect stroke, early signs of atherosclerosis, and evaluate various body regions including the thyroid, abdomen, and pelvis.


Brain Health

Neurological testing encompasses a wide range of assessments aimed at measuring and monitoring various aspects of brain function performance. These tests can detect potential impairments and include evaluations of brain processing speed, behavioral performance, mental health, balance, and brain mapping.

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