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Healthcode client takes the lead in global Rejuvenation Olympics leaderboard!

Healthcode is delighted to share the extraordinary achievement of one of our clients: FIRST PLACE in the Rejuvenation Olympics! The Rejuvenation Olympics were founded by tech billionaire and biohacker, Bryan Johnson, and measures how people are able to “de-age” their genes through epigenetics (how your behaviours and environment can affect the way your genes work) serving as a unique stage for individuals to showcase their rejuvenation progress.

This amazing accomplishment isn’t just a win for our client, but a testament to the remarkable results possible through our personalized health programs. This victory highlights the incredible potential of Healthcode’s services in unleashing peak performance and vitality in individuals.

Cutting edge blood tests can now measure the impact that behaviours and environment can have on your genetic age. One of the exciting things about our Signature Program is that you can take these tests throughout the year and watch the improvement in your genetic age! The fact that our client has emerged as a champion in this challenging competition demonstrates the efficacy of our approach in helping clients reduce their biological age by up to 10 years.

In the words of our CEO, Lisa Brooking, “We couldn’t be prouder of our client’s remarkable success. It not only exemplifies the effectiveness of our cutting-edge solutions but also underscores our commitment to advancing the pursuit of optimal health and longevity for our clients.”

Click here to access the leaderboard, and if you’re interested in knowing your epigenetic score or exploring how our programs can help you achieve similar results, get in touch with us at Your journey to optimal health and vitality begins with Healthcode!


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