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Healthcode offers hundreds of highly-specialized lab tests – carefully curated from leading-edge laboratories around the world.  Our Functional Medicine doctors continue to cultivate relationships with researchers globally to be able to offer you testing that you won’t find anywhere else in Canada. 

In addition to the comprehensive lab work done as part our Signature Program, we can offer targeted testing to uncover and discover important aspects of your health at the cellular level.  

Advanced Testing Available 



  • Biomarkers that can detect damage from neurodegenerative diseases and that discover early changes that may signal Alzheimer’s disease 

  • Blood brain barrier permeability 

  • Nasal microbiome associated with brain health issues as such dementia  



  • Screening for genetic predisposition to certain cancers 

  • Testing for circulating cancer cells for early detection of 20 types of cancer 

  • Examination of oral bacteria associated with cancer 



  • Testing your potential response to medications in order to optimize your treatment plan and outcomes. 

  • Examining for more than 40 gene variations—which is particularly helpful for patients taking several medications 



  • Testing for the presence of toxins that have a direct impact on your health like molds, chemicals, pollutants, metals

  • We recognize there are correlations between occupations and toxic absorption which can be attributed to several factors. Occupational exposure to toxic substances can occur in a variety of industries and job roles where individuals come into contact with hazardous materials, chemicals, or harmful agents   



  • Evaluating everything from size of cholesterol particles to Inflammation and soft plaque  

  • Analysis of oral bacteria associated with heart disease 

Gut Health

​Gut Health

  • Biomarkers to assess your functional need for micronutrients at the cellular level 

  • Reactivity to over 180 foods 

  • Irritable bowel / small bowel intestinal overgrowth / intestinal permeability 

  • Pathogens, viruses, parasites, and bacteria that may be contributing to gastrointestinal symptoms and disease 

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