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World-class distance runner Lisa Brooking takes the lead in health optimization and longevity movement

Healthcode Medical CEO Lisa Brooking’s goal is to champion proactive and preventative health through Functional Medicine

“I have seen open-heart surgery, cared for patients in the ICU, provided end-of-life care for cancer patients – and I always thought: Would the patient outcome be different if interventions occurred earlier, before requiring hospitalization? Is it possible to detect a disease earlier and course correct? I know it is!”


With those words, Lisa Brooking made it her professional goal to champion proactive and preventative health care.


A world-class Team Canada distance runner, Brooking not only “walks the talk” by optimizing her health and lifestyle, she also combines her medical background and business acumen with her athletic tenacity in her new role as the CEO of Vancouver-based Healthcode Medical Inc.

Brooking has a Master’s degree of Science in Nursing and has held various leadership positions across acute, specialty, and primary care.  She has also served as a Senior Practice Lead in cancer care and has presented at national conferences championing best practice, delivering high quality care, and educating to support improved patient outcomes.

Brooking ran for Team Canada, leading her squad to gold and silver medals in consecutive Pan American Cross-Country Running Championships and has represented Canada at World Championships in Kampala, Uganda.

With a history of podium finishes on the world distance-running stage, Brooking’s belief is that high level sport, success in business and improved health all share key traits: consistency, commitment, and the patience to understand success isn’t overnight. She is passionate about how Healthcode can help its clients each achieve their own personal podium moments – regardless of their individual health goals. 


Healthcode provides team-based Functional Medicine – a rapidly emerging field of medicine that addresses the root cause of illness, with a heavy emphasis on prevention and long-term health. Patients from all over North America come to Healthcode because of its three-pillar approach to health and well-being: Prevention and Early Detection, Optimizing Health and Wellness and Extending Lifespan as well as Healthspan.

“Working as an ICU nurse at a level one trauma center, I was exposed to a lot. When I reflect on my practice at the bedside, I would say patients who were essentially healthy prior to coming into the hospital recovered quicker from the medical situation that brought them to the ICU," Brooking said. "Unexpected things like accidents or stroke come at us out of the blue. People who have healthy arteries, bones, organs and mind, are in a much better position to successfully come back from a major medical setback. One of the reasons Healthcode is so focused on health and early detection is that a healthy person has a much greater likelihood of overcoming health challenges."


The team at Healthcode includes medical doctors who are board-certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). They are deeply focused on disease prevention and optimal wellness, helping members achieve not only a long lifespan but a long “healthspan” (number of years one remains healthy). Healthcode’s MDs each have specialized areas of interest including brain/cognitive health, cardiometabolic health, and hormonal health.

Many clients of Healthcode have successfully reduced their biological age by up to 10 years through the dedication and commitment to Healthcode's protocols. These achievements showcase the remarkable power of personalized health optimization and underscores the transformative potential of Healthcode's services in unlocking peak performance and vitality. "We couldn't be more proud of our clients' success, and it serves as a testament to the cutting-edge solutions we offer in the pursuit of optimal health and longevity," Brooking said.

Healthcode Areas of Focus.png

"It’s exciting to lead a company in the early detection, Functional Medicine, and superior health space. The evidence is clear: early detection improves outcomes," Brooking said. "We are arming our patients with detailed insights into their health status, formulating a step-by-step plan on how to achieve their health goals, then supporting them on their journey to optimal health and wellness using an interdisciplinary team approach."

Healthcode develops a personalized, targeted plan for each patient to address areas of concern using a multifaceted approach such as lifestyle, various therapies and cutting-edge technologies. They monitor progress and trends to measure outcomes using wearable technologies, state-of-the-art lab testing, advanced imaging and the latest in technological assessment tools.

"I envision a future in which health optimization and early detection services are readily available and accessible to everyone. In such a future, the significance of proactive and preventive health care is amplified, serving as a cornerstone  

for fostering a society that is both healthier and more resilient," Brooking said. "We can intersect with someone’s health trajectory and change it for the better. We can’t change the past, but we can optimally inform the future. We want to give more people agency over their health."


Healthcode is excited to extend its unique style of health care to additional cities across Canada and the U.S. The high level of interest from clients across North America confirms the significant value people place on their three-pillar approach. This expansion underscores Healthcode's dedication to advancing early detection, optimizing health, and promoting longevity, echoing their core philosophy that your health is your greatest asset, and when your health is on your side, the possibilities are limitless. 


About Lisa Brooking: CEO of Healthcode Medical, Lisa is a dynamic and engaging health care leader with a proven track record in both the private and public sectors. Lisa holds a deep understanding of the health care sector rooted in a progressive career starting as a critical care nurse. She is passionate about high quality person-centred care and her commitment to prioritize the well-being of patients. She received the 2015 Young Women of the Year Award from the Orillia Business Women’s Association, later renamed in her honor to the Lisa Brooking Young Women of the Year Award, which is presented annually.


Lisa is also a world-ranked distance runner with numerous podium finishes. Most recently, she was the 2022 winner of the Miami Half-Marathon and placed second at the 2023 Vancouver Half-Marathon. 


“As a high-performance athlete, grit, commitment, passion and trust in the process are key to success – attributes that are transferable to life and career. Whether in heels or running shoes, I show up, never give up, and mostly importantly cross finish lines.”


About Healthcode:  Healthcode Medical Inc. is a boutique Functional Medicine clinic located in Vancouver, BC specializing in screening, early detection, disease prevention and health optimization.  Healthcode was established in 2019 by an angel investor whose health transformation inspired him to help make functional medicine available to more people. Please contact Healthcode for comprehensive details regarding their Signature Program and pricing.

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