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Lisa Brooking, Chief Executive Officer 
Healthcode Medical Inc.

About Lisa Brooking: CEO of Healthcode Medical, Lisa is a dynamic and engaging health care leader with a proven track record in both the private and public sectors. Lisa holds a deep understanding of the health care sector rooted in a progressive career starting as a critical care nurse. She is passionate about high quality person-centred care and her commitment to prioritize the well-being of patients. She received the 2015 Young Women of the Year Award from the Orillia Business Women’s Association, later renamed in her honor to the Lisa Brooking Young Women of the Year Award, which is presented annually.


Lisa is also a world-ranked distance runner with numerous podium finishes. Most recently, she was the 2022 winner of the Miami Half-Marathon and placed second at the 2023 Vancouver Half-Marathon. 


“As a high-performance athlete, grit, commitment, passion and trust in the process are key to success – attributes that are transferable to life and career. Whether in heels or running shoes, I show up, never give up, and mostly importantly cross finish lines.”


About Healthcode:  Healthcode Medical Inc. is a boutique Functional Medicine clinic located in Vancouver, BC specializing in screening, early detection, disease prevention and health optimization.  Healthcode was established in 2019 by an angel investor whose health transformation inspired him to help make functional medicine available to more people. Please contact Healthcode for comprehensive details regarding their Signature Program and pricing.

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